Biking Toolkits & Webinars

BiCycle Safety and Maintenance

Riding for Beginners

This guide goes over how to get started biking, including how to plan your route, traffic laws, and finding and maintaining the appropriate bike and equipment.

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Riding to Return to the Office

This guide goes over how to use your bike to commute to your workplace, and goes over traffic laws, maintenance, and other considerations for frequent bike use.

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Riding with Cargo

This guide offers tips on how to safely bike while carrying cargo or children on your trip.

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Urban Cycling Webinar Recap

This guide provides an overview of urban cycling tips, including how to travel between modes, infrastructure to know, and tips on safety and maintenance.

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Winter Cycling Tips + Webinar

This guide overviews ways to maintain your bike and bike safely through the winter months.

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The ABCs of Bike Maintenance

In this webinar, Galen Mook and Marissa Rivera demonstrate how to maintain your bike to keep you riding safe and smooth, specifically focused on how to diagnose your bike’s ABCs (Air, Brakes, and Chain).

How to Safely Lock Your Bike

This guide shows you different types of bike locks, how to safely secure them to your bike and bike racks, and other tips to keep your bike secure when you lock it up.

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