Discover Transportation Options with Your TMA

Throughout the year, A Better City TMA and Allston Brighton TMA host seasonal events and promotions highlighting the diverse array of sustainable transportation options – meaning non-Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) in and around Boston. We also provide commuters with free in-person events through our Bike Clinic Series and other in-person events to help folks navigate the plethora of mobility options for everyday transportation. Check out all the resources from our Events & Promotions menu to learn more. 


Seasonal Promotions

April is Earth Month: Every April, A Better City TMA and Allston Brighton TMA commuters log sustainable commutes on GoMassCommute in awareness of the carbon-footprint of driving to work each day. When you take non-automobile trips, you earn bonus points towards the A Better City raffle and other special prizes. Consider this month the perfect way to try out sustainable alternatives to get to work. For new non-driving commuters, check out your organization's commuter benefits through your TMA membership to see how A Better City TMA or Allston Brighton TMA can help you switch from driving alone to riding a bike or taking transit!

May is Bike Month: For the month of May, we celebrate bike month by commuting by bike to work for all or parts of our commutes. When you log your sustainable bike trips in GoMassCommute, you earn extra points towards securing your Bike Check! commuter reward and entering the A Better Commute Raffle. We also run free Bike Clinic tune-ups during the summer and provide resources to help you navigate commuting by bike in Greater Boston. Make sure to visit our Current Events & Promotions, Bike Clinic Series, and Bike Resources pages to learn more about how you can get ready to bike to work.

July is Water Transit Month: In July, A Better City TMA partners with Seaport TMA and Lower Mystic TMA to run fun events, give away exciting prizes, and provide opportunities to learn more about water transit in Greater Boston. Every year, the TMAs hold a table event with fun prizes and guests from Boston's Downtown waterfront, run a new social media raffle each week, and this year will cap it off by hosting a webinar featuring leaders in Greater Boston's water transportation space. Check out our Events & promotions page for an overview and visit the official Water Transit Month Webpage to learn how to participate!

November is No-Car November: Each November, embrace the challenge of commuting to work every day without driving alone! Log your non-car trips to work in GoMassCommute, and have a chance to win awesome prizes in the A Better Commute Raffle. Even if you don't use alternative modes of transportation every day, you still have the opportunity to try out other options and take advantage of your TMA benefits when trying out taking transit or biking for the first time.


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Summer Bike Clinic Series

Each May through September, A Better City TMA and Allston Brighton TMA host free Bike Clinic events open to all employers and residence of TMA member organizations. We host tune-ups at a variety of locations at our member's properties throughout the City of Boston, so make sure you look for a Bike Clinic event near your residence or workplace to get a free bike check-up! Slots for bike clinics are limited and run out fast, so make sure you book a spot in advance of the date. Learn more at our Bike Clinic Series Webpage


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Guided Bike Rides

Coming Soon. Check back later for more information.