scott mullen

Transportation Demand Management Director

Scott Mullen joined the ABC team as Transportation Demand Management Director in summer 2020. He is responsible for managing multiple Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) that collectively serve over 100 member organizations as well as leading policy research and advocacy related to TDM issues such as municipal regulations, zoning, employer transportation benefits, and transit fare policy. His goal is to build innovative, sustainable TDM policies of the future, now.

For the last two decades, Mully has focused on promoting and delivering solutions that help individuals and institutions ‘think outside the car’. His approach to modeshift has spanned the fields of journalism, startup operations, business development, advocacy, strategy, and government relations. A shared economy pioneer, Mully was an early employee at several groundbreaking companies and has had a front row seat in the formation and growth of three transportation sectors: carsharing at Zipcar, bikesharing at Hubway (now BlueBike), and micromobility at Lime. 

Mully holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Merrimack College and feeds his love of learning with frequent courses through edX. 


Manager of TMA Operations & Engagement

Brian Lill joined A Better City in September 2023 as our Manager of TMA Operations & Engagement. In his role, Brian supports A Better City's Transportation Management Associations (TMAs), which serve over 100 member organizations, and is excited to continue to drive change towards a sustainable future. Prior to joining A Better City, Brian specialized in public healthcare at Public Consulting Group working with hospitals, EMS providers, and essential workers to secure funding and services for his clients. 

Brian holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Temple University where he studied Economics and Community Development.


TMA Coordinator & Spatial Data Analyst

Amir Wilson joined A Better City in March 2024 as the TMA Coordinator and Spatial Data Analyst. In his role, Amir works with the TDM Unit to foster workforce-wide commuter mode-shift by contributing to ongoing TDM research and data analysis, supporting TMA operations and administration, and providing specialized commuter programming to member organizations served by A Better City TMA and Allston Brighton TMA.

Prior to starting in his full-time role, Amir completed a 3-month internship with A Better City through the MassCEC Clean Energy Internship Program in Fall 2023. As an intern, he worked with the Energy & Environment Unit on an ArcGIS project mapping and comparing the impacts of summer extreme heat, urban tree canopy, air quality in proximity to roadways, and social vulnerability across Boston neighborhoods. The goal of this mapping is to help the City and its partners prioritize Boston’s most vulnerable communities when rolling out the first wave of heat resilience investments.

Amir graduated from Boston University in 2023 as the recipient of the CAS College Prize for Excellence in Earth and Environment and one of the recipients of the Student Sustainability Leadership Award. He holds a Master of Science in Remote Sensing & Geospatial Sciences from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and a Bachelor of Arts in Earth & Environmental Science from the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University.