Allston Brighton Neighborhood Link



As part of the Allston Brighton Mobility Plan, Allston Brighton TMA is currently conducting a study for the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) to inform the creation of a Neighborhood Transit Link Service to serve the Allston and Brighton neighborhoods. The service will be open to the public and be designed to connect members of the community to transit hubs like Boston Landing and the subway, as well as to locations throughout the neighborhood that are underserved by the MBTA.
Earlier this year, we asked members of the community what stops and destinations they would like to see on a Link service route, as show on this map. Results from this prior survey were used to develop the proposed routes that we are looking for your feedback on. Please take a moment to review these proposed maps and provide your feedback. You can access and complete the online survey until Friday, August 5, 2022 at:
Please take a few moments to take the survey & tell us what you think!


If for any reason you are unable to access the online survey, please feel free to share your feedback via email separately at Learn more about the Allston Brighton Mobility Plan here.



  1. We are excited to welcome new neighbors to the community

  2. Any proposed solution should support alternatives that will be open and accessible to all

  3. The process will be open and collaborative, synthesizing feedback from all stakeholders through multiple opportunities for engagement and feedback

  4. First Mile/Last Mile Connections in Allston-Brighton are a priority

  5. Focus on connections to transit hubs for regional connectivity and also intra-community destinations like business districts, grocery stores, libraries etc.

  6. We aim to complement MBTA service, not compete with it

  7. Take into account Bus Network Redesign and the future development pipeline to bake in flexibility to adapt to changing conditions

  8. The process will be informed by the experience of effective connector systems in the region and across the country

  9. The resulting plan could set a precedent of connectivity that might be applied in other neighborhoods of Boston

  10. We believe that a strong TMA with participation by major property owners is the key to ongoing adaptability and success