Workout to Work

Workout to Work rewards you for incorporating walking or bicycling into your daily routine. By logging your miles, you can win monthly raffles for gift cards, gear, and more. You'll also get invited to exclusive events and be eligible to be a part of the Bike Benefit program. 

Workout to Work rewards you for incorporating walking or bicycling into your daily routine. All of us need to get to work, but few of us have considered combining exercise with our commute. Whether you have been walking for years, or have not gotten on a bike since you were twelve, we have the incentives and rewards to get you on your way.

Who is eligible?

Any employee or tenant of an A Better City TMA member company member company who walks, bikes, or takes any form of active commuting on their way to work is eligible. You don't have to walk or bike all the way; any portion of your commute counts!

How does the program work?

Participation is simple and there is no cost to join; just the energy needed to get you on your way! At the end of each month fill out a report to let us know how many days you took your active commute mode and how many miles you logged to be eligible for some great rewards.

Every month you log your miles on our site, you will be entered into our monthly drawing for a raffle prize. First time loggers will receive a special welcome letter and gift. At the end of the year if you’ve logged seven months or more, you will be entered into our grand prize drawing.

What if I need to get home unexpectedly?

A Better City TMA gives you peace of mind with the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program. Get sick? Have a family emergency? Blow a tire on your bike? No problem! Through GRH you receive up to six free cab rides per year.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy! Simply log on to your commuter account and visit the “Program Registration” tab on your dashboard. Complete the registration form and you are ready to go!