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Join us for our NoCARvember challenge this month and swap the car for a sustainable, non-SOV (single occupancy vehicle) mode and get rewarded with a donation made on your behalf! Use a train, bus, walk, bike, or telecommute mode for your commutes or errands and raise donations for a local organization fighting food insecurity by logging your trips on GoMassCommute 

Every set of six biking, walking, transit, or telecommute trips logged on GoMassCommute during November raises $1 for a local organization fighting food insecurity. Keep using sustainable commute modes to rack up your donation! Each one-way trip earns one point. Six points = $1 donated. 

Join the NoCARvember Challenge by taking + logging non-drive alone trips on GoMassCommute and raise a donation to a local organization fighting food insecurity!






WEDNESDAY, february 16 - THURSDAY, december 1

Mobile combustion accounts for over 40% of statewide Massachusetts greenhouse gas emissions, and every daily trip decision impacts that number. If you're looking to add new sustainable transportation choices to your routine (or improve your experience with your current sustainable transportation mode of choice), you’re in luck in Metro-Boston – there is always more to learn in our region's dynamic transportation scene!  

If you’re interested sharing what you know, trying out new ways to get around, and connecting with other folks reducing or limiting their single occupancy vehicle (SOV) usage, join our 2022 Green Cohort by signing onto this year’s Clean Air Pledge! By signing onto the 2022 Clean Air Pledge, you’ll be joining a group of fellow changemakers who are interested in asking questions, sharing stories, and swapping tips for navigating our region by foot, bike, rail, bus, carpool, scooter, and more. To thank you for your participation, we’ll reach out to you with special invitations for exclusive raffles, prize packages, and volunteer opportunities over the course of the year. 


Sign the 2022 Clean Air Pledge and start logging your trips to track your journey on GoMassCommute today!


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